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Ben joined the fitness industry in 2012 after completing a Certificate III & IV in Fitness. Shortly after, he decided to broaden his understanding of the industry and wider health. This sparked the decision to complete further studies in Exercise Science at Victoria University.

Ben believes optimal movement mechanics are key to improved physical performance and are the building blocks for living a healthy life. Focusing on these two aspects and utilising scientific principles, Ben strives to enhance the sporting performance for clients, juniors, and athletes alike.
At the forefront of Ben Geron’s formal training is a personal dedication to teaching the effects of forces and motion on sports performance. This physically prepares the body, and minimises the risk of injury. This motivation sets the stage for designing training programs which focus on preparing the body for the physical demands of any sports. Drawing on experience from working with elite athletes, Ben is able to help juniors across a wide range of disciplines, improve confidence, performance and strength!

My experience -

  • Development and implementation of ACL post-op physiotherapy;  
  • Strategic development and application of pain management for shoulder, back and neck imbalances;
  • Selected by Victoria University to complete work experience with Tennis Australia, and the AFL Draft (Western Bulldogs).


Steven Singh

Mr. Steven Singh completed his clinical podiatry studies in 2011 at La Trobe University Melbourne in conjunction with also completing both Certificates 3 and 4 in fitness. After graduating, Steven worked in sports medicine for four years before being accepted as a Podiatry Educator at La Trobe University. Steven had the role of teaching his students how to technically assess biomechanics, gait analysis, how to manufacture orthotics and the theories behind orthotic design. While teaching, Steven founded Melbourne Sports Podiatry and worked between the two until the end of 2017.

Steven takes a particular interest in providing treatments for sports and workplace injuries, paediatric conditions, chronic pain and arthritis in the foot and ankle. Steven focuses on thoroughly assessing the whole lower limb and locomotor movement patterns as part of his assessment protocol to provide an unparalleled podiatry service.

He is furthermore trained in using therapies such as taping, dry needling, cupping, strength programming, gait retraining and orthotics to compliment any treatment advice or education provided to his patients.


Growing up in Black Rock, Steven is the eldest of three. A passionate athlete, Steven at a young age represented Australia in martial arts, trained in short distance with Sandringham Athletics Club and played representative football and cricket. His sport led him to attaining a scholarship at Brighton Grammar in year 10, finishing in the year of 2007. Whilst balancing school sports, representative and club level sports, Steven sustained significant injuries including lower back stress fractures, a broken leg and osteitis pubis which lead Steven into studying podiatry and personal training to better help himself and others. Currently, Steven still plays premier level cricket and is a running coach.


Vicky Gomez

“Seal of expertise and promise of results” with a personal approach to nutrition”.

Vicky Gomez Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist @ healthy Empire
Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics | Bachelor of Sc​ience
Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist, Certificate in Paediatric Nutrition, Sports and FODMAP, Gut Health Specialising

With a reputation built over time and qualifications in Nutrition and Dietetics, Vicky Gomez has a practical approach to health and recognises the humanity and social nature in her clients.

Vicky removes the ‘sacrifice’ from choosing to lead a healthy life whereby client meal plans are made-to-fit the individual’s unique lifestyle.

She takes the deprivation out of her clients mindset by providing tools of mental, emotional and physiological knowledge. She recognises that living a life of health and longevity means being educated on ways to use food as medicine.

Having a deep understanding of ‘the why’ and ‘the how’ in solving challenges and producing results, allows Vicky to deliver in a way that is easily understood and actioned with confidence.

Together with the latest cutting edge science and collaborating with practitioners at Allegiance medical Centre we can devise a practical meal plan to drive you to good health.


Lauren Ivett

Lauren’s interest in holistic human health and well-being started at a very young age, after sustaining numerous painful injuries during her elite gymnastics career. She was fascinated by how her body responded to treatment by the various allied health modalities she utilised and it was these experiences and her unwavering passion for human health that lead her to her career in Osteopathy.

Having experienced firsthand the benefits of the holistic approach to treatment in her own recovery, Lauren’s aim is to recognise and manage the various causes of injury and pain whether: physical, ergonomic, or psychological. She is intrigued by the relationship between pain perception and mental health and has specific interest in the areas of neck and back pain, headaches, sporting injuries and chronic pain management. Her focus is to help encourage patients to take an active role in managing their health, while navigating the aggravating factors present in daily life.

As well as utilising Osteopathic techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, Lauren is also qualified in dry needling and advocates for the benefits of dry needling as a supplement to osteopathic treatment. She hopes to consolidate her skills in this area with further studies in the future.

Lauren graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy). Lauren also holds a Bachelor of Science from Monash University, majoring in Human Physiology and Development.

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