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Sports performance for youths is a challenging and rewarding endeavour. The impacts of which, last well beyond the individuals’ years of athletic participation. Geron’s Performance Academy was founded on this responsibility.

Gerons Performance Academy offer junior athletic programs for students aged 5-18. Created to assist with performance and physical development, our model was designed knowing, every child is different.

With that said, GPA prepares the body to meet any physical objective, while mitigating the risk of injury and creating confidence through achievement.

Prior to practical application, children need to learn motor control, balance, rhythm, timing and much more. These factors are often lost in the initial stages of skill acquisition. The key to success is finding effective instructional cues to help the athlete achieve the best technique possible.

Physical education and extra-curricular activities at school often place all young children into a single group, without factoring in their abilities or need for further training. This can lead to a decrease in morale and increased risk of injury.

All GPA programs incorporate basic motor control drills into every session (balance, rhythm and timing) to promote the best possible technique. This means we are able to create new movement patterns and eliminate incorrect form which may lead to strain on the body in the future.

We have more children going to see physios then ever before. A study published on ABC, in 2018, has found ACL reconstructions amongst young Australians has increased by more then 70%. 

As children, the correct fundamental movements are completed without issue (such as running and jumping), but as they grow, and spend more time in front of a desk than outside, things begin to change. Most importantly, movement mechanics are neglected resulting in osteopathic or chiropractic intervention at an astoundingly young age.

This is another focus of GPA’s programs; by ensuring the physical chain is operating to complete a movement correctly, we are able to significantly limit injury and drastically improve performance.

Our coaches will ensure your child has the best tools to learn and master the sporting fundamentals, no matter their starting point.

GPA uses a combination of strength and conditioning principles which can be adapted to compliment a wide range of sporting disciplines.

All of our coaches are tertiary educated with degrees in sports science. This allows them to draw upon a wealth of knowledge when working with children whose individual needs are more specialised.

Our specialised programmes cater to the needs of all children to provide the kind of opportunities that, due to a number of different factors, may have limited their sports participation in the past.

Gross motor skills are vital to any child’s development, and getting the basics right, early on, sets the stage for better performance in the future.

GPA promotes a safe and friendly environment where students can develop lifelong social and motor skills as they transition into their school years. From simple skills through to more advanced team activities, the imperative is to have fun and feel confident to try, no matter the outcome.

GPA coaches are approved to work with special needs children and families who receive support via NDIS. This is a national government support scheme available to eligible individuals who are at a disadvantage.

In our case, children who have been diagnosed with various conditions which impact their physical development. Specifically, GPA NDIS programs work to stimulate the nervous system through tailored training. Working within the individual’s scope and slowly implementing different training protocols which allow us to grow the individual’s athletic range in a way that is purposeful and significant to their everyday life.

Programs are also created collaboratively working closely with the assigned occupational therapist (OT) to make sure we have the best tools at our disposal.

What can we do for you?


Does your child lack confidence in Sport?

Sport is a significant part of Australian culture and is first introduced at a competitive level in school. Individual performance can result in an increase or decrease in a child’s self-esteem. Those who perform well are rewarded, while those that do not, are left behind.

At GPA we look at your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses. We believe achievement and perseverance are the cornerstones to attaining confidence. 

Our program focuses on coaching time to set goals and reach physical milestones.

In schools and sporting clubs, teams are larger, and have a high teacher to student ratio. At GPA our MAXIMUM is 1 teacher for every 6 children.

Our philosophy is to ensure every Junior receives the best coaching possible from highly qualified and experienced instructors.

Has your child experienced pain or injury?

Believe it or not, injuries in juniors are more common than you think. ACL (knee injury) injuries have increased by 70% amongst juniors in recent years, while many others experience symptoms including back pain, shoulder pain, and more.

At GPA we look at movement for each individual, and address important sport practice risks. Working to rehabilitate and make sure the chances of a re-occurrence are as low as possible. 

Rest assured our experts in the field have had experience dealing with a range of injuries, and work well alongside other health professionals, such as physiotherapists and doctors. 

Your children are our priority, and we want to keep them as injury free as possible.

Does your child want to improve their performance?

Have you come across your child saying, “I wish I could run faster” or “I wish I could jump higher”? This is very common in sport, especially when sports coaches put pressure on our children to perform.

At GPA we utilise exercise science to enhance performance primarily through the use of external loads (weights, hurdles & many other tools). With consistency and hard work, your child will become stronger, faster and more powerful.

Your child can become a stronger and more resilient individual.

Resilience and character are built through adversity. Challenges are in every corner, from exams to sport, to relationships and the list goes on. Sport is a great way to test children and expose them to adversity.  

At GPA we expose your children to challenges they can handle, utilising physical performance to build their character. We support them at every turn, and encourage self-empowerment. Each child progresses at their own pace, without the external pressure from school or sporting clubs. We help your child deal with  pressures by teaching them to never give up and trust in themselves.

Need advice?

Our coaches are here to help you every step of the way. 

Call 1300 823 395 and start your journey today.

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