Lower Back Pain Part 2

3 things to start doing to reduce your back pain (2 min read)

Hopefully you’re up to speed with our last blog explaining the source of your back pain. If not, then please follow the link (3 min read) – Lower Back Pain Part 1.

We wanted to share 3 additional exercises that you can start implementing straight away

To reduce/manage your back pain.

You need a few pieces of equipment (you’re looking at $25 tops – we will provide a few links where you can purchase a massage ball & foam roller, but Ebay is probably your best bet) that are very easy to come by. You can still use them while at work, you just need a wall/floor space and you’re good to go!

1: TFL (Hip flexor muscle also responsible for back pain) release

  • Place the massage ball (or any hard ball you can use – a tennis ball to begin with does the trick, otherwise a cricket ball is perfect) against your hip as shown. Look for the hip bone and move a few centimetres down & forward – look for a really sore/stiff spot.
  • Apply pressure until pain dissipates.
  • If you find any other stiff spots in the surrounding area then release them as well.

2: T spine (middle back) release

  • Place the roller on the wall across your middle back (as shown).
  • Raise your hands up in the air and try to minimise the movement through your lower back.
  • Look for the restriction in your mid back – that’s the stretch.
  • Hold for about 30 seconds and perform 2-3 times before stopping.

3: Pelvic tilt (moving the hips)

  • Find the two bones sticking out at the front of your hips – place your front two fingers on them. Then place your thumbs directly behind on the back of the hips.
  • Push the front of your hips down while the back of your hips come up. You should see a bigger curve in your lower back.
  • Proceed to tilt the hips back & forth for 10 repetitions or as many as needed to generate some movement. You may find that your hips are reluctant to move at first, but as you continue tilting them you will start to generate the movement.

Thank you for reading our blog post, we hope the information was helpful.

Please comment below or get in touch if you have any questions.

Where to buy the equipment you need:

Foam Roller: https://www.ironedge.com.au/half-foam-roller.html

Massage ball: https://www.ironedge.com.au/massage-ball.html

Disclaimer: If you are currently experiencing severe/chronic pain, then you should be consulting an allied health professional (physiotherapist/osteopath etc.).

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