Training for children of all skill levels.


What we do.


Enjoyment is key, and working in a high intensity, fun filled environment makes learning second nature, rather than another item on the checklist.


We understand the best way to impact children is through positive reinforcement and engagement, no matter their age.


We incorporate different components of fitness, including running and landing technique, balance, timing, reaction and much more.

Instructing through group interaction and defining individual goals sets GPA apart.

Ben Geron

Need advice?

Our coaches are here to help you every step of the way.

Call 1300 823 395 for more information.

Performance Academy

Check out Gerons Performance Academy Instagram page.  You will find a series of helpful insights, tips and fitness advice from certified professionals.


My story

Ben joined the fitness industry in 2012 after completing a Certificate III & IV in Fitness. Shortly after, he decided to broaden his understanding of the industry and wider health. This sparked the decision to complete further studies in Exercise Science at Victoria University.

Ben believes optimal movement mechanics are key to improved physical performance and are the building blocks for healthy life. Focusing on these two aspects and utilising scientific principles, Ben strives to enhance the sporting performance for clients, juniors, and athletes alike.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals & accomplishment" - Jim Rohn.

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